About Us

     It all started in 2012 when we fell in love with firearms. The smell of the gunpowder, the thrill of recoil pinning a buttstock into your shoulder, and almost being put on my ass the first time i fired a 000 buckshot out of my Remington 870; there was just something about it that was addictive. Not long after, i grew keen to how politics intertwined itself with firearms. Being conservative, I wanted the government out of my life as much as possible, especially when it came to my constitutional and god given rights. That’s where the journey begun.
     I set out to design clothing that not only expressed political ideology in a fashionable way, but also made the wearer feel like they were standing for something. Standing for America. Standing for principles which this country was founded on. Standing up to those who hate individual liberty, and think they should dictate how Americans live their lives. Trying to encompass all of these ideas, our first design was born. Our ‘THE 2ND PROTECTS THE 1ST’ design launched and was instantly a hit. It is up in your face, and unapologetic to your feelings. It embodies the anger and unwillingness of Americans to bow down to unconstitutional laws as they pertain to firearms. It was apparent that we were onto something, but creating appealing patriotic apparel wasn’t the only goal of our brand.
     We wanted to be different. We wanted to give people a voice through our clothing, but we also wanted to support fellow Americans working in this economy. So, shortly after launching our brand we decided to switch to all USA made garments and materials. After all, shouldn’t American patriotic apparel be designed, sourced, cut, and sewn by the tips of American hands? We say, Damn right it should be. We instantly switched gears and only discussed manufacturing with American companies. Did we turn down cool projects that’s only available through foreign businesses? Sure did. Did we take a hit on profit by offering our customers 100% Made in the USA products? Got that right. We’ve taken the quote “I’d rather die on my feet, than live on my knees”, and implemented it directly into our business model because we feel it’s that important. Sometimes you have to sacrifice in order to stand for something you believe in; we’re making that sacrifice.
     Thanks a lot for checking us out. We hope you find something that makes you feel like you're taking a stand.
     God Bless America,
     We the People Apparel